How to use flashing to prevent dry rot

This Gilbert AZ handyman uses video to show you how to use flashing to prevent dry rot.

How to repair and texture sheet rock

This Mesa AZ handyman uses video to show you how to repair a hole in your sheet rock and match the texture of your walls.

How to remove lime from your shower

This Chandler AZ handyman uses video to show you how to remove lime from your shower.

Handyman Services – Absentee Homeowner

This Mesa AZ Handyman is your solution to maintaining your Arizona home even during the months that you are not living here. Even when you are not living in it, your Arizona home still requires scheduled maintenance and repairs. The last thing you want to deal with when you come to your Arizona home is […]

Handyman Services – Aging In Home

This Chandler AZ Handyman understand the special needs of a home with an aging family member. When it comes to addressing the home needs of an aging family member, safety and prevention are at the top of the list. Adding grab bars and removing any hazardous obstacles can keep our aging family members both active […]

Handyman Services – Assembly

This Ahwatukee AZ Handyman is your solution when you have purchase anything that needs to be assembled. We have all been guilty of purchasing that desk, furniture or outdoor item that needs to be assembled, only to discover how complicated the assembly instructions are when you get home. I assemble just about everything from a […]

Handyman Services – Attic Storage

This Queen Creek AZ Handyman understands that the attic space is the most under utilized space in an Arizona home. Most homes have moderate to large attic spaces that are perfect for use as additional storage space. The secret to effective use of this space is accessibility and convenience. The attic space is the perfect […]

Handyman Services – Bathroom Improvement


This Chandler AZ Handyman spends a lot of time in the bathroom ~ Repairing them of course. Life is not good when your bathroom is not 100% operational.  Whether it’s plumbing related or a broken towel bar our life is negatively effected. Is it past time to update your bathroom?  Replacing your vanity, faucets, mirrors […]

Handyman Services – Carpentry Repairs

This Mesa AZ Handyman is ready to help you with your most annoying carpentry related projects. Did you pet eat the door trim?  I don’t make judgment, I just install new trim. Are you living with a broken cabinet door or drawer.  Maybe your life would be better if you could get a couple of […]

Handyman Services – Deck Repairs

This Gilbert AZ Handyman understands that the purpose of a deck is for the family to enjoy the outdoors. If you deck is looking like it has spent a couple of years too many in the Arizona sun, I can improve it’s looks by cleaning and re-staining it. I can replace any splintered and rotted […]